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    Questions about Bulking, please reply bigkev :-)

    Hello, i have a question for you people.
    The question is:
    I`m planning to do 3 years bulking and then cutting is that right? or is better to do 1 bulking cycle then 1 cutting cycle?

    My stats are 24years old 1.80meters high 105kgr weight 20%bf training about 2 years and i`m on my 4th cycle. My goals is to reach after 3 years of bulking to 140kgr with 15%bf and then cutting to 120kgr with 6-8% bf. I dont want to compete i just want to be really big! My friends say that i`m already big but i when i see myself in the mirror i`m rather small..

    So what do you think? bulking for a couple of years & then cutting up? or every year 1 bulking period and 1 cutting period?. By the way i dont care how i look in the beach at summer.I want to grow guys and i want to grow really big i mean BIG!!!
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    IWG....i think you answered your own want to be really big and dont care about the beach look.....bulking will do that....wouldn't hurt to do some type of cutting cycle to keep the body fat in check dont want to be a big fat guy with muscles......

    i like 2 bulking cycles and then a cutting cycle...but thats just me.....

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    IMO cycling whislt carrying over 16% bf is unwise. But you're choice. No reason why you ever have to cut!

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    I,d agree with BA there the greater your B/F is the fatter you will look as you start cycling.

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