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Thread: so far so good

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    so far so good

    this is my first cycle I am 19 250 18 bf and so far so good
    I planed on more but this is what I got

    I wond up doing test at 750 for 2 wks and 500 for 8 wks

    was not trying to gain weight with this as I am already big.

    5 weeks are in the bag and this shit has kicked in full force
    but it is kind of weird I dont get good pumps there there but not what I expected and this is the realy weird part the weight feels just as heavy as it did before but now I can do it like for squat 405 still feels like 405 and it is heavy for each rep. but the first rep is just as hard as the third rep and so on its still hard but I can keep doing them.

    this part bothers me when I do back some times I cant stand because it kranps so bad I have to stop working out and lie down for 10 min or so I think that I need to drink more water.

    as far as water retention my rists are fat and my face a little cubby but what the hell I grew a berd. also I put 3/4 in on my arms. makes them 17 3/4

    any input is always nice.

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    sounds like your making some progress!

    Are you running the test alone, or stacking it with something?

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