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    Firts cycle (Dbol/Test E) in 2 weeks...

    hi everybody,
    as you see i will soon start my first cycle! cant wait for it, but im a little "scared" too, thinking that i will have to put together:
    proper diet
    supplements (shakes & bars)
    good train
    liver protection for my liver <<< dbols!
    anti e's...

    hope this will be easier to do than to say!

    im also worried about not beein able to cut a bit after the cycle (coz of water retention and possibly higher body fat)

    cycle is 10 wks, pct 3, (a total of 3 months) and it will be already may-end of may!

    will i be able to cut a little bit before end of june?
    what about stayin on a "high protein-mod carbs-low fat" diet during all cycle and maybe addin a couple of light cardio workout each week?
    im also thinkin, in case of clen and eca during pct for the anti-catabolic/energy/cut advantages, what do you think?


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    Dec 2003
    is everybody sleepin?
    here in italy is already 2.15pm... wake up!!!

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    Hey im here. Well its kind of hard to do a cutting on this kind of drug but it can be done. Would be better if you stacked it with a cutting gear like winny or tren to harden the gains. Although you have the right idea using ldex and nolva to keep bloat down and this will lean you out lowering estrogen after and during the cycle. Im sure the ECA/Clen combo will lean you out more by june. Looks like you've done your homework and put this together right for a first cycle. Nice job.

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    Dec 2003
    i express my idea of adding winny tabs end of cycle (i dont want to jab ed or eod with the liquid vrs) but some mods told me not to mix 2 orals in same cyclle!

    talking about homeworks... dunno if i did them well, but for sure i was an asshole for mods-vets-senior... so many posts so far!
    at least i learned lot of info and sometimes i can give suggestion feeling enough sure about what i say!
    thanks, let me know about the winny option!

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    right here
    2 orals are fine, especially since you will not be taking them at the same time. With the low amount of Test E you will be taking, I don't think you'll have any problem with bloat. Unless, not enough to worry about once you are finished with your cycle. With the Ldex, you will be just fine. An ECA/Clen after the cycle will lean you out well as long as yout diet is in check.

    You cycle looks fine the way it is, if you'd like to add winny, that's up to you. Personally, I'd end with Prop though, but your call.

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