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    Qv Bold Batch#qvb 010..??

    wassup bros?? i got me some qv bold batch #qvb010 ex.2006 and went to the qv website to see if its legit and all..and ****!!! not only is it has a WHOPPING 205.7 MG per ml!!!! now thats what i call insane.....sorry guys ,im just so happy that i got this a lil overdosed compared to underdosed,being i have seen b4 ppl saying some of their qv was underdosed..ok im finished now... i have a couple pics below,,,im guessing this is the latest batch..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Qv Bold Batch#qvb 010..??-qv-vet.jpg   Qv Bold Batch#qvb 010..??-qv-vet-3.jpg  

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    I wouldn't put too much stock into the numbers QV has listed on their webpage. Also, remember that the lot # and expiration date can be faked. Your looks real though.

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    yeah i looks legit, but the numbers on QV's site dont mean sh*t...the batch 13 enanthate that everyone is having problems with is listed at almost 258mg/ml....

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