Hey bros, I've read a lot of posts by bros who are worried about their BP while on a cycle, usually cuz they're getting flushed and sweaty and their pulse is up from the test. Thing is symptoms like that may or may not involve and increase in BP.

If you're planning on doing a cycle I'd highly recommend spending the additional $80 on a monitor. They're really easy to use and work amazingly well. Just take a couple readings before you start to determine your baseline and check periodically while on your cycle to compare. You may have to purchase an oversize cuff separately if the one it comes with is too small.

Some people react with big BP increases to gear like EQ and you'll be able to tell immediately if you're entering any kind of danger zone with a monitor.

Plus it's really handy to be on top of your BP in any situation. (And no I don't work for Omron!)