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Thread: 4th week

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    4th week

    I am about to start my fourth week of finaplix cycle. I have made good gains and can tell by looking at my body that the juice is really working wonders but I still do not believe that it has FULLY KICKED IN. I have heard and been told that week 4 is the best for a lot of people. Has anyone else heard this or experienced it? Since this is my first cylce another question I have is what kind of gains have some of you made from week to week on say flat bench press? My buddy who I train with tells me I need to have patience. I think I went into the gym last week with some unrealistic expectations for bench but I am not sure. Thanks.

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    Whats ur cycle look like.. Whats ur diet look like.. Any gains so far? Fina should of kicked in already..

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    fina kicks in pretty fast, so by week 4 you should have made some good gains. more info bro. previous cycles, dosages, length of cycles, stats, etc...

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    fina should have def kicked in asiancuts said though give us some stats, how long you rinnung it for and at what dose??

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