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    too many anti es? is there such a thing?

    is there such a thing as to many anti es? im about to start my first cycle(consisting of test en and masteron )i plan on taking nolva throughout,and maybe ldex along with my research i understand that masteron also blocks the production of estrogen(much like proviron ).i wont be useing the masteron untill the last six weeks of my cycle.ive had mixed responses saying that i dont need both ldex and nolva,and some saying both is better.anyways i was thinking bout taking both just as a precaution.(i mean whats the worst that can happen? i overdose on anti es?)any ways i kind of like the thought "rather safe than sorry" i just would like some other members input on this........thanks

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    most people who will tell you that you don't need both will tell you to go with only ldex, the reason i say to use both is because nolva helps keep lipids in check that ldex makes go whacky, or something, i don't know, i'm tired....

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    LOL...scottninpo is half asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO...Jbol with that cycle two anti-e's won't be necessary.. Be on the safe side, and have the novaldex on hand in case of signs of gyno...

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    It's not necessary, but you can overdo !!! It's scientifically proven that your body needs some estrogen in order to grow. So don't try to block or suppres all the estrogen in your body.

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