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Thread: Clen vs ECA

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    Clen vs ECA

    I have always felt that ECAs helped me and that they allow me to stay on the cardio bike longer and stronger. But since ECA is legal i sort of figured that clen must work better. As i read though it seems like many prefer ECA to clen. Whats the deal? I do know the sides are worse with ECA (if you not like the buzz) but in terms of fat burning is it really better than Clen alone(no T3)?
    I know many cycle the two but it hard to see how that helps. Dont they both bind to the beta 2 receptor which is responsible for the fat loss and ephdrine binds to beta 3, responsible for the speed feeling? So it seems like cycling would keep you feeling speedy on Eph but would not give the beta 2's a chance to upregulate after use. Anyway, someone clear me up!

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    i think you cleared it up perfectly, people like ECA for the quick speed feeling, it also helps curb the appetite in that same way and give a nice boost preworkout, but they do bind to diff receptors and ECA is easier to get, generally run around the same price

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