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    question on my first cycle

    this is my first cycle, i wilb begin 250mg test qv a week, 400mg deca per week, and insulin injections everyother day. i also have some dbol but i dont think i will use them because i believe this is enough to be doing for my first time. what do you think about this and the amoung of mg's i taking weekly. thanks

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    Well everyone is going to say "do more test", I say keep what you got, take half the Deca and NO INSULIN (I dont understand it and you probably dont need it for your first time. Take the Dbols instead.
    1-12 250mg Test per week
    1-11 200mg Deca per week
    1-4 35mg DBol per DAY
    20-25 pounds guaranteed.
    Where are your clomids and Nolvadex ?

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    I AGREE.........

    no deca and no dbol either. run the test only, at 400mg/week. see how you react to just plain old test first, then you can start stacking different compounds based on your test reactions.

    you DEFINITELY dont need 'slin..........this is an advanced drug, not for the faint of heart. and if you dont run it right, it will kill you.

    if you keep posting the same basic cycle over and over, then youre obviously not looking for the answers we're giving you. if you DO decide to go ahead with this cycle, it will be at your own risk, and you better research your ass off before you do it. when you see it in black and white maybe it will change your mind.......

    peace I4L

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    alright i will start with 250mg test for my first week and 200mg deca . i am not going to use my insulin or dbols since it is my first cycle. i have nolvadex just in case and i also have clomids for after.

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    my opinion, I think lower doses work but 250mg a week is a little too low. 350 is better.

    Djsir, be careful gauranteeing a 20lb gain. You can't.

    if you have 250mg vials, just run 500mg a week of the test. Forget everything else and have your nolva 20mg ed and clomid therapy afterwards.

    Simplicity is smart.


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