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    Bringing stuff back on a cruise ship?

    What's up boyz? I'm gonna be going on a cruise here in a few weeks and will be making a few stops in Mexico. I was curious if anyone had experience bringing stuff back on a cruise ship. Think I'll get checked when I board the ship again, or do you all think I'll be cool bringing some personal goodies back into the states? Thanks for the info!


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    wow..never thought of that. Although it has been a couple of years since i have been on a cruise, from my experience, you'll be alright. I have to say, with the recent developments in travel and terrorests (i know i spelled that wrong :-( ), i'm not to sure. I know there has alays been an issue with bringing drinks back from certain places. Anyone been on a cruise recently???

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    I went on a cruise about a year ago. When i got back on the ship they make you put whatever you bought on a little xray machine(if it looks odd they may open it and look at it), simliar to the airport ones for carry ons. Then you walk through a metal detector. so if you can figure out a way to get around these mechines youll be ok. (wouldn;t recommend putting booze in a water bottle.. who would have guessed it would foam up so much when they shook it lol) Just be creative, and you should be ok.... If you really got desperate you could mail it back to yourself but that might be even more risky, since techinally i suppose if they did catch you with the roids (at the boat) they wouldn;t be able to do nething since it's legal there (worst comes to worst they would probably confiscate it or make you pitch it, but im not 100% sure)

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    On the first stop, you'll find out if they chech you getting back on the boat. You'll have to go through custom when you came back to the states. They will not check too close, just for bombs, pot, coke etc.


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    bout my money
    i was on a cruise ship during sep 11th 2001. i was in bermuda the day the towers came down sleeping in my bed. you could probably get away with what ever you want to bring, they didnt check my bags or my friends for diddly crap, my friends brough more booze back with us then i could possibly imagine. and when we got back to the US they barely even check my or anyone elses stuff. it could have changed but id think that since i came back to the US 2 days after the towers came down that would have been the most severe protection we could have had.
    granted they did check our boat while it was docked in bermuda every day with scuba divers for bombs, and did have a practial army at the loading area. but they never actually searched anyone, the just id'd us all. and i was on the boat with 14 other poeple and they all would say the same thing im sayin

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    just be cautious. I wouldnt risk it

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