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    whats the REAL time for test cyp to kick in?

    im in my 13th week of a 500mg a week test cyp only cycle and its only the last month ive started to make noticeable gains. from everything ive learned i was under the assumption that it was 4-6 weeks to kick in fully. i will say that my nuts were shrunk in that time but my size and strength have taken off the last month. right after i started my cycle i caught that f*cking flu that was going around, TWICE, so my immune system was pretty suppressed, could that have anything to do with it? i was going to do 15 weeks but im thinking of going 20 since im so happy with my recent gains. ive been reading about low dose longer cycles being better lately so maybe ill guinea pig it thanks for any input.

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    Sounds like you had some bunk gear bro. Did you recently switch to a different brand or even different vial? For me it's arounf the 3-4 week mark that I really see the gains start coming strong. I got the flu too, early in my current cycle, but it didn't keep me from gaining, only slowed it down some as I couldn't workout hard enough, so that shouldn't be a reason. I'd say bad gear.


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    4-5 wks is when I felt the cyp kick in,but nice growth started about wk 7.After wk 16 I switched to prop,the water retention from cyp was starting to bother me,but I was running a much higher dose than you also.


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    yep!...4 weeks usually!

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    4 weeks for me!

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    Depends but 4 to 5 weeks I really start to see the weight come on and by the 8th or 10th week I start to bloat bad

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