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Thread: T3 Help

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    T3 Help

    I am going to be taking some clen in the near future and am now considering taking some T3 with it. I dont know too much about the side effects of T3. Can anyone tell me what to expect...I dont wanna take it if it has serious side effects like DNP or anything like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    probably be best for you to do a search,there is a ton of info on the net.there are sides with t-3 that you really do need to be aware of if your gonna use could possably make you a slave to it for the rest of your life if you dont understand how to use it bro.

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    do a search on t3...and t3 shouldn't be run without test IMO. t3 will eat away hard earned muscle as well as you need to take a muscle preserver like test!

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    im currently on

    t3 25mcg
    .liq clen 3-5 squirts 2on/off
    test 400-600 per week
    tren enth-250 per week
    eq 400 per week

    just started so nothing to report yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dboston89
    im currently on

    .liq clen 3-5 squirts 2on/off

    Oh my God. Are we talking about Ventipulmin here? If so, you must be out of your mind and you're overdosing the clen big time!

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