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Thread: Avg Bodyfat

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    Avg Bodyfat

    When aiming to put on muscle , im curious as to know wat do you guys hang around bf% wise ..... mine is currently 15% i think 12-15% for a natural is good for mass to keep strength wat about the rest of u guys?

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    avg body fat is determined by the person's matabolism (spelling) I'd take a guess and say the avg person is around 20. And that is not so surprising, some people look like toothpicks but they do so much cardio that their bodys start eating up muscle cells and all that is left is fat. (in some cases) And the avg person in the states is over weight (no flame intended) which might even raise that number. But a healthy guy should be around 18 in the winter and 15 in the summer. A ripped guy will be around the 10's

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    I like to be around 10-12 in the winter and around 6-8% in the summer. I think it all depends on what your goals are.

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    Damn you guys with your single digits I cant break 12. Right now Im 15 and dropping

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