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    prop and enanthate

    i'm about to start my next cycle in a week , i was planning on running Eq and prop, but one of my buddies suggested i only run prop for half of the cycle then switch to enanthate because prop works fast but tails off. i want to keep the h2o retention down , so is this a good idea?

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    If you wanna keep the water away and your using enth just run nolva and liq dex along with it.
    Props not gonna give you much water anway but you can do the same, although u probably won't need to.

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    hes wrong, you can run prop the entire time, make sure to inject ed and what about pct?

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    Or you can run
    weeks 1-3 prop .75mg ED used as a kickstart
    weeks 1-12 test E 250 E4D

    hell you could even throw in some prop at the end (12- 15 week )too to help with PCT, I think I will for my next cycle. But this might be too crazy if its your first cycle...


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    what are you stats???
    like mr sparkle can use prop as a kick start along wiht the test-e and eq....
    no good using prop then switching cos test-e will take a few weeks to kick in and your cycle will prob be over by the time it does....
    im looking at something similar to this for my next cycle....
    weeks 1-4 prop 75mg ED used as a kickstart
    weeks 1-11 test E 500mgs a week
    weeks 1-10 eq 400mgs a week......

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