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    Someone Please Send Some Help My Way

    Hey My Name Is Dan. I Was Recently Seperated From The Navy While I Was Undergoing Seals Training. Dont Worry I Am Not A Pyscho Or Anything I Was Given A No Fault Honorable Discharge. I Am Now Uner A Ranger/green Beret Contract For The Army And Leave At The End Of April. Until Then I Plan To Pack On Some Size And Rip Muscle. I Bought A Cycle Of Winniv And A Cycle Of Anadrol 50. Should I Stack These 2 Or Would It Be Better To Take The Anadrol First, Then When I Am Finished With That, Hit Up The Winni V. Someone Please Help Me Out With This. I Appreciate Those Who Took The Time To Read My Post And Even More To Those Who Help Me Out. Thank You And Best Wishes!


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    dont do those two compounds together, or even either one alone. i would pick up some test, probably prop, and run that with the winny. both winstrol and anadrol are 17aa, and are hell on your liver. running both could do damage. if you need help working out a cycle, feel free to PM me.

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    Run a low dose of Test Enanthate or Cypionate with the Winny. Propionate would be an ideal choice, but for a first cycle I'd choose a longer lasting Ester just for the sake of injections.

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