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    litle advice on next cycle

    ive done 2 cycles.. first cycle 400mg deca only 8 weeks,,basicly i lost weight (fat) i was cut and my muscles were defined. my next cycle i did 500mg deca and 500mg of sust250 8 weeks and gained 15pds looked swoll and strenght jumped off the roof. im low on money and want to triple stack but cant afford it. i now im going to get deca,what should i throw in to get good strength gains and weight, dboll or anadrol ? or should i get cypinate? i cant get but two things.

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    uhh, if you're doing deca then you need cyp, also, drop the dosage on that and run it longer. No need to go 400mg @ 8 weeks when you could do 300mg @ 10 weeks. Get test for sure.

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    def test. running deca alone isnt the best idea. im sure most if not all AR members would agree with me here. definately pick up some form of test and you're good to go. and remember to run the test at a higher dosage than the deca to avoid any unseemly sexual side effects.... good luck~!

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    Why not try a simple test d-bol cycle? run test enanthate @ 500 mg/week for 12 weeks and kickstart it with 35 mg/day d-bol for 4 weeks. Have anti-e's on hand (some will say run it 10mg/day throughout the cycle and into pct, some will say jsut use it if you get signs of gyno, your call, but either way have some on hand.) and clomid for pct. Train hard and eat well and you will likely be pleased with the results. JMO

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