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    Newbie here; need help with cycle

    Well, first off hi guys I'm looking to start my first cycle. I've done some reading, but I'm no expert by any means. I've been natural lifting for seven years and have pretty much maxed out my natural potential. I'm 25 years old 5'7 and 188, with low body fat (don't know exact percentage). I'm looking to bulk up and make quality gains (hard muscles ). I was thinking of trying a 10-week Test 500mg Deca 400mg cycle followed by clomid therapy three weeks after my last injection. What do you guys think of this for a beginner? Would you recommend any other possible cycles for someone like myself? Should I throw in some DBol ? And how about Arimidex throughout the cycle? I've read the novice cycles page, but there seem so many it's hard to decide which one to go with. I hear that a beginner will pretty much grow on anything, so I don't want overkill my first time out. Thanks.

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    Your correct on that point. Personally I'm no expert with roids, quite the contrary. But from everything I've read and been told, when you go on your first cycle, you really don't need too much. Since it's your first cycle, you can go mild and most likely get some really good results. So like you said yourself, don't over do it. In terms of a cycle, I'll let the experts take care of that


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    400 mg Test Enanthate a week for 10 weeks
    400 mg Deca a week for 10 weeks
    ** split the above into 2 injections... half of each Sun and Wed.
    35 mg dbol everyday for the first 4 weeks
    0.25-0.5 mg of arimidex everyday
    Clomid at the end 3 weeks after last injection and Milk thistle with the dbol.

    Eat 4000 cals, 300 grams of protien everyday.
    Work out as hard as you ever had and get 8 hours of rest a night.

    Follow the above guidelines and you will get fucking jacked off that cycle.

    Welcome and enjoy!

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    My first time I only did 200mg of cyp. / week and gain a large amount of weight. I feel you dont have to do a whole lot for your first time. Your body should respond good. If you are like me, you can olny get certain things, If test and deca are what you can get go for the 500mg/ 400mg. If you can put D-bol into it, all the better. Just make sure you do a lot of reading on this, I'm not a doctor, I'm just telling you what I think and have seen. Maybe someone else will tell you better. Just take it easy the first time. you will still get great results. (as long as you train hard and eat right)

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    I'd go with sus 250 every 7 days and Eq 400mg or Winny 50eod a week this cycle should be fine for you.... you probably will get good gains and with the EQ you'll have a more lean muscular look.You could also take sus 250 just byself although you'll have to bump up the dose to 250 mg every 5 days....just because with a low dose of sus 250( it being you need a strong androgenic steroid ) should be staked with a strong anabolic such as winny.

    I have heard of ppl making great gains of a sus cycle only... and since it is gonna be your first cycle ...why not try it out...and if the next cycle you do up the bar.. it ten weeks.


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