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    Need Help Now Please! New Here!

    not gonna try and act like i know much about any of this-in fact hardly know any at all- hence reason why i am here----i am currently considering adding some form of cycle to my workouts. not sure what do use/what works/etc.....A friend of mine suggests WINI(though there r several better options) he says this has a better "ripping" factor...and is not tested for on drug tests. basically what i am looking to do shred fat fast, but also build a bit more bulk. since i have never taken part in this i am very skeptical bout all of this. My first prob is i hear scams and fake gear is all over the place(may also contain HIV and other stds)no way im risking that! so i need clean real gear.Freind says hes got a good connect but who knows what he'd put into his own body, not sure where a source is. 2nd'ly how safe is it to use? any/all side-effects?all reponses to this would be great- and 3rd which is a really big prob is is WIN legal in any form(in NY)?is it tested for on standard drug testing(work, probation, etc..)? Are there any other Gears that are not tested for and will not show up on any testing? side-effects of other suggested gears to use? safe? etc..... PLease help.....real tired of feelin like a dick at the beach(lol) made promise that this summer im looking better than ever! thanx alot people!

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    AAS is not for you. Sounds like you need to get your diet in check, work out harder, and get some supplements.

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    I suggest you do some research around the board. Start with the edu forums.
    Read all the post's. Evaluate your diet/training before you start taking anything.

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    there is alot of good info here... first i would hit the educational threads.. read until your eyes pop out... there are risks, thats why you need do your research. aas will not show up on a regular drug test...... now, start

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    listen to MBaraso. the questions you have asked, although some are vague, have so many answers to them it would take hours to discuss and debate them. use the educational threads, the search button and the AR homepage drug profiles section. not trying to be a dick, but it seems that you're a long way away from using AS and to listen to what a "friend" or source tells you to do is irresponsible on your part. do the right thing and get educated. good luck

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