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Thread: winstrol

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    can u get gyno from winstrol ,, im quitting my test cycle bc gyno is forming and taking nolva and liquidex,. so should i just take winstrol later down the road in about 10 weeks from now. if im too quit test today and start pct will i be fine,.
    i already have little peas behind my nipple underneath the skin. so maybe i should just stop test and what should i take for pct . i have tons of clomid and nolva.,
    i thinkk i f i continue taking 500mg of test my chances will only increase on gyno. its not worth it,. i didnt think it these low dosages that this will cause a lilttle ball behind my nip and i have a lil bit of water comin out as well. i guess i will not take test again. and only stick to winstrol or other kinds that dont form gyno. im not sure on what to do now. i dont want to continue with my cycle im too paranoid.,

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    bro sounds like you got full blown gyno. How much nolva a day are u taking now?
    If you stop the test now you have to wait 2 weeks before you start clomid.
    If your gyno doesn't go away, which it doesn't sound like it's going to...go see a Dr.
    And forget about the winny for now...

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    ya know............I GIVE UP.
    stop everything, keep taking your nolvadex ... in a couple weeks start clomid. run the nolvadex right through pct and beyond...
    and never.. i mean NEVER......... consider using gear again.. its not for you.

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