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    bad problem and need help

    hey fellas here is the deal. i got an 18 year old friend about to be 19 wanting to take a mild cycle before spring break. he has done alot of researching and says that he has found out that the only reason he is not old enough is because of stunted growth. he also says that winstrol does not convert to estrogen and that estrogen is the reason for stunted growth. Another argument of his is that he is only going to do 6 week cycle and be safe and do no more. Also he says he is as tall as he will get, and steroids only affect long bones, not things like shoulder width....As for me i took 3 weeks of dbol when i was 18, but stopped b/c of fear of stunted growth. do yall think that affected me in such a short time. mainly just wondering for him not as much for me

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    i dont think so. but I would still not do the cycle. stunted growth isnt the only side affect of juicing too young. i dont know why but all the teens seem to use that as an excuse "im done growing...i dont want to be any taller" there are worse things than stunted growth. Tell your friend to put his time in gym and keep his diet up. Tell him to train for a few more years and then get into juice.

    as for your growth I think you'll be fine. lay off the juice for a few years.

    Well thats my advice, i hope you and your friend consider it.

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    thanx man/

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    Stunted growth is not the only problem...whacking out your hormone levels while your body is still developing is not the smartest thing in the world to do. I have read that your endocrine system is not fully developed until your early to mid twenties.
    At age 18, almost everyone produces ample testosterone ...naturally. Why risk screwing with your own hormone production?

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