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    Traveling w/ gh?

    Gonna take a little vacation and want to take my gh w/ me on the plane (checked baggage). I'm thinking if I had a script (I don't) it would be no prob. Even so I'm thinkin' since it is avail by Rx, it should be no more of a prob than traveling w/ a few extra vicodin or codeine in my shave kit. Was thinkin' of just preloading the slin darts w/ the gh, place w/ a small cold pack, and drop into my med/shave kit. Should appear to just be a diabetic kit. Could claim that if questioned too. Thoughts?

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    Ya I would carefully fill up an old slin vial with the reconstituted GH...just tell them your diabetic!...But I don't know about keeping the GH out of the fridge for to lo0ng?

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