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Thread: temper

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    Let me ask this if being hypoglycemic, and not eating when usually supposed
    to, Having alcohol , and on a high dose of Tren . Would that cause extra
    temper? Don't give me that "you have a weak mind" or "you gotta control the
    roids don't let them control you" crap. That's not what I am asking
    I was fine before I took it. My temper was fine before. I am not trashing AS
    use I simply had a bad experience.

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    Tren has been known to increase aggression add alochol and the 2 really don't mix.
    If your hypoglycemic and your not eating whats up with that? I doubt that has anything to do with aggression and would think it should be totally the opposite.
    Yes, a weak mind comes into play here. A weak mind would do what you posted above and add alochol when you know it shouldn't ever happen especially without eating.

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    I now know I shouldn't have drank. I didn't think it would bother me if I did
    The reason I asked about hypoglycemia, is I am really edgy if I don't eat regularly. I think I just pushed
    myself over the edge with the other junk on top of that.

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