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    hydroxycut vs. winstrol for my age

    hey fellas i am 19 years old and this thread has made me decide otherwise against using 1 cycle of winstrol . i am 6'0 215 and want to lose waterweight and make my muscles harder. i always diet and get cut, but i lose alot of my muscle that i gain. i want to know if i should try hydroxycut or something like it and if that will give me a vascular look? or should i give the winny a shot for just 1 cycle if it is only 6 weeks. b/c i have heard one cycle will not hurt me. i do not think i will get any taller so i am not worried about the stunted growth. i am worried about hair loss and shutdown of natural test.

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    You are too young, you should be able to achieve your goals with proper diet/cardio/ and workout.

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    you don't need hydroxycut or winstrol , cardio and diet is what you need

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    Now I agree with the other guys, but I think the hydroxycut won't hurt you. So if you really want to run one of these 2 products, I'd advise you to go for the hydroxycut. By the way: if you ever plan on doing a real cycle, don't use winstrol alone. Never ever.

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    why not winny alone? im talkin injectables

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