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    Red face PLEASE HELP!!!! Fina and enantat qv 250

    this is my second real cycle and I got all my first advice from freinds, not facts. i just found out about this site and i am worried that i might loose the gains that i've made over that past 7 weeks. I was doing trenbolone acetate 50ml 1cc ed for 4 weeks. on the 3rd week i started doing 1cc of enantat qv 250 once a week. it is now the 7th week since i started and i only have 2cc's of the test left and i was not aware about pct. i've gained 18 pounds since i've started and i don't want to f**K everything up now! please suggest me what to do for pct. (my nuts r the size of 2 marbles!) please guyz help me out. next time i will definetly do much more research. thankz

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    You better get some CLOMID ASAP. I'd also get some more TEST.

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    I would be more worried about the tren shuting me down afterwards ans making it very hard for me to recover than keeping my gains. Get some clomid as quick as you can so you can use it for PCT. Also, try to get another bottle of test ASAP so you can start it before your other test runs out. Make sure you have something for PCT or the lasting effects of the tren will shut you down hard. Good luck bro.

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