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    Quick question about length of results

    I am on a cycle of finaplix . I posted on here a week or so ago about what frustration with lack of results. It wasn't but a day or so after that I started seeing huge results. Last night I did biceps and I had 45's on each side doing preacher curls. I felt like a stud. I can't wait to do legs tonight and chest and triceps tomorrow. Anyway I am on week four. I am doing 5 full weeks and slowing it down for weeks 6-7. Will I still see gains on these two weeks? How long will I stay where I am at or improve after cycle is over? Does one just fall off the map after the cycle is finished? I haven't really felt any increased confidence or aggession which I want because I play baseball in college. Is this normal? Thanks.

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    I hope your taking some sort of test with the fina...
    But to answer your question: everyone's different. I can tell you that a month or so after you stop fina your not going to be as strong as you were while on.
    Tren takes awhile to kick in so my suggestion would be to keep on the dosage your at now during weeks 6-8, because thats when you're really in "full swing".

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