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    Question test/sust/win/dbol/nolvi question

    Ok........Im on my second bottle of test eth right now... I've been taking it 2 times a week @ 250 per week so 500 per week and also im running them with some dbols..... 4 a day....... i have like 10 amps of sust, and 42 50mg tabs of winny that i havent touched.... so i dont know when i should take these or if i shouldnt..... i heard i should run the winny after im done with the test... but im not sure i should run the sust this late in the cycle.... and also when should i start taking nolvi??? Little Help..... thanks

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    welll thats a lot of questions...

    1) personally i would be running nolva 10mg ed for reduced water retention and as a anti e
    2)give us some more stats like age, weight, ht, cycke history etc...
    3) only run the dboll for the first 4 weeks at no more the 30mg a day. i hope your not on week 6 or 7 and still taking it. bad idea, you will kill your liver
    4)forget about the sust, you dont need it. you already got 500mg of test a week
    5)where is your clomid?
    6)if you run the test for 10 weeks start the winny at week 7 and take it till week 12
    7) 2 weeks after last test e injection (wk 12) start your clomid for pct

    i hope this helps

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    there's no sense in running two tests in the same cycle unless one was prop. Secondly d-bol and winny are both 17a...which is not a good idea to have in the same cycle either, especially your first or second.I would run the d-bol for 4 weeks at 4 a day like your doing and keep running the test at 500mgs per week for 10-12 weeks, you'll do fine on that stack! Save the winny and sus for next time!

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