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    Post Cycle Routine Changes

    i have been reading how most people say to back off alittle post cycle, change gears in your training to adapt to slower recovery, etc. my past cycle i tried something different. i implemented the poliquin 4/5 % bench routine and went every workout for 6 weeks, 3 to 5 reps, all bodyparts. after 6 weeks, i went to a very slow tempo routine for 4 weeks, followed by 3 weeks of strict hypertrophy training (8 reps every set/4 sets every body part). i have to say this was my best cycle and post cycle recovery. i think if more people changed gears and set up specific micro cycles for not only the time on, but the post cycle time, alot more gains and strength would be kept rahter than switching gears and slowing down. anybody else feel this way?

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    IMO training should never change whether on or off steroids , because if you train to build muscle, and then train just to maintain it, you will loose it. Yeah we all take lite weeks to ease joints etc, but remember, intensity should be kept at all times.


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    bodybuilding is knowing your own body ....IE knowing how it works and how it responds to different types of abuse you can give it ..NATURALlY..................

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