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    Thermos In Canada Please Help

    i posted this in the suppliment forum as well but posted it here for more feedback....

    ive heard that products such as hydroxycut arent that great here due to lack of certain ingredients, is this true for xenadrine as well??? if so is it worth the risk of getting it across the boarder i cant see there being much of a problem anyway!! also is it a good idea to stack hydroxycut/xenadrine together i read a post that was from awhile back and someone said its a good idea, how would i stack them though?? i just finished my first cycle sust/eq and still have some unwanted fat ( im at 200lbs right now) so not sure how much i will need, or if i should hit another bulk cycle first or just get a cut cycle??? peoples opinions pleeeease!!!!! asap!!

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    not many places carry nething with ephedra in it nemore. i don;t even think hydroxy makes it with it....youll have to turn to the internet to find the real stuff otherwise you have to settle for ephedra free

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