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Thread: fat and gyno

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    fat and gyno

    this is somthing i have wondered about for a long time i've often heard that if you are fat that you are more prone to getting gyno im not realy fat or anything i dont have a 6 pack i was also chubby when i was a little kid and i got some man boobs when i was little and i grew up i grew out of the fat stage but it still gave me kind of puffy nipples i guess they got stretched out will this make my chances of getting gyno any worse. thanx

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    u know your bf%? bf is a major site for aromatization of androgens. i got gyno 2 years ago during a muscle growth spurt i had my bf was prolly 15% then. i remember gettin gyno in puberty that went away. if u still have the gyno from your youth i think u'll be more prone to makin it worse if u run a cycle wo inti-es.

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