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    abs/winny what to do

    how many times should a work my abs a week while on winny?? yes i am a newbie make fun of me whatever i dont know nothing that is why i come to yall... thanx

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    ppsssstttttt! hey bro look up, u see that search option? use it man ill be glad u did.
    how much fat r u carrying? cuz if its lot all the winny and abwork in the world int gonna do sh!t.

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    First off you gotta have test in your cycle. Winny alone wont give the results it would if you use it w/ test. Therefore your wasting your money. For abs, alot of it has to do w/ diet, and water retention. I hit my abs 2 to 3 times a week. I don't take any winny. Funny thing is, Im in the middle of a mass building cycle and my abs have gotten huge. My belly button is starting to stretch cause my abs are pushing the skin out. All I do is hit them hard several times a week and eat right. However I'm naturally a lean person to begin with.

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    You can work your abs every day bro,but diet and cardio is were you'll see the results.

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