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    anyway to check test en?

    hey bro's....i was wondering if there was anyway to test "test enathate"
    the reason i ask is because i have someone that said they would front the test to me..its ICN depot 250 in 1ml amps..and i dont really understand why anyone would front juice like that..when they run the risk of not gettin there could it maybe be jus vegitable oil or somethin ..haha???

    i have not placed the order yet..but i was wanting to know if there was any way to test the "test en" to make sure it was legit if i did in fact order..
    thanx bro's


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    i would say their are 2 ways to test it, either find someone who ordered from that source before, and make sure they are legit. Or get them, post a pic on this board, and let the member of AR tell you first. Don't ever stick anything in your body you are not sure of. Always consult with us first.

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    Never seen fake ICN's. Take a pic of em.

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    You can have it lab tested or get 1 amp from him and post a pic in steroid pic forum...just my .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdtr
    Never seen fake ICN's. Take a pic of em.
    Me either, I think they can but them from the factory for like a buck an amp, why fake um.

    Bro there are sources that front, you ask why would someone send the gear without the money first they may not get paid. reverse that, why would someone send money for gear they might not get the gear. It's part of the game, if he'll front it take it post some pics. But if you take the front you better pay him or you'll be marked as a reverse scammer.


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    Post a pic..

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