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Thread: hiatal hernia

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    hiatal hernia

    I just found out from my recent doctor's visit I have a hiatal hernia. I had to drink this real heavy white sh*t while they took x-rays... I guess the hernia is where the stomach meets the esophagus so it doesnt stand out as being obvious.

    I've had night pains in my chest for a good 10 years, probably earned it doing hard cement work years ago but when I did my steroid cycle, I started doing more abs exercises and lifting harder then ever to get more results out of my steroid cycle but it also worsened the hernia. I guess I was told by the doctor was: dont strain too hard when taking a sh*t, no sit ups, no tummy crunches....

    Its like aw man, I am just starting to get some decent abs and now this happens....

    Anyone else have a hiatal hernia?

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    I have had mine for 10 years. I can actually see mine by the lump under my skin. I can push on it and sqoosh it back in temporarily. Mine feels like an oyster under my skin. The doctor's told me (and I have spoke to several over the years) that if it doesnt bother me then dont due the surgury. The chances of the stomach walls tightening up and causeing a strangulated hernia is there but the doctor said that doesnt happen often. But if it does he said the pain will be unbearable.

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    Just get the surgery NPTA. Also, avoid the ab work, but keep up on the diet. I've been slipping on the ab work but my diet has really made them pop.

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