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    Test Cyo/ Deca / D-Bol

    Will this combination turn off your apetite. I find myself eating because I have to.

    I guess I am eating a lot lateley. I have forgotten the feeling of hunger.

    I've gained 10 pounds since Jan 3rd.

    Is there anything besides EQ that I can take or inject to increase apetite?


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    glass.....cyp / deca / dbol is a great cycle.......

    i run this cycle at high levels and it always seems to make me hungry......

    the only other thing i can think of other than EQ that will help with your appetite is megase......i never have a problem eating, so i don't really need many appetite stimulants.....viper

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    Same... Test / Deca / D-bol combination makes me incredibly hungry all the time!!! The only other thing I have used for appetite is injectable B-12, which helped not only with appetite but energy...

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