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    Primobolan Butyrate

    Does anyone know how dangerous (if at all) this new Red Star Dragon primo is? I have heard several different stories about it. Is the pain and fever that it causes due to an issue of butyrate being toxic or is it because it is 200mg/cc vs the usual 100mg or 50mg per cc that is usually produced?

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    butyrate is not toxic. the pain/fever are due to the high solvent concentrations neccessary to get the ester into solution. The high solvent concentrations may also be in part due to the reaction mechanism that RSD used to esterify the product. This reaction (fischer reaction) occurs relatively slowly when using butyric acid, and as a result can leave a combination of products, one being esterified, (methenolone butyrate) and the other being methenolone base. Hormones with no ester require the highest solvent amounts to get them into solution. That's all speculation though.

    I guess my point is it's the solvent, not the ester.

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    Has anyone tested this stuff, thier track record isn't very good.


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