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Thread: Sus/Winny Cycle

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    Sus/Winny Cycle

    I am a beginner to this however, not to fitness. I am 23, 6'3" 228lbs, been lifiting for 8 yrs. My question is what is the best suggestions you can give me for a Sus/Winny cycle. I am using this for prep and retention purposes only for the training I am about to go through (ie toughest military training in the world) My physical readiness is not a question, however I think there should always be an edge. Thanks for the help people.

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    give us some more stats like age weight height, goal of cycle etc...

    have you bought the gear yet, because most will recommend at test e or cyp cycle for a first

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    A single estered test would be a better choice for a first cycle.... SUS will need to be injected EOD to keep blood levels stable...... I also don't feel SUS is smart in a first cycle as well.

    1 - 10 SUS 500mg split over EOD injections
    8 - 13 Winny 50mg ED
    1 - 13 Nolva 10mg ED
    1 - 13 L-dex .25mg ED

    Start PCT 1 day after last Winny dose
    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 2 - 21 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 22 - 28 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex

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