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Thread: EQ Price

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    EQ Price

    I was told by my source that he can get me eq for $100 cdn for a 10 cc bottle... is that a good price, duz it sound legit... btw hes not on the net, so dont ask me for his email!

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    I have to pay 150.00 U.S. for a 10ml 200mg ttokyo And I'm usally paying a very high price.

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    If you are talking about Ttokkyo Eq, the price in Mexico runs from $37 - $42 US. Each US dollar currently trade for 1.61Canadian dollars. So if you are getting the EQ for 100canadian, that would equal $62 US dollars. If that price is from a source that is pretty damn good, its only about $20 over the Mexico price...

    Is the Eq you are getting 10cc at 200mg per cc??? What brand is it??

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