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    Question Winstrol Question

    Hi, everyone, new to the board. Always lurked, but never posted.

    Here it goes....
    Is there any fake Winny by Zambon where the compound and the water still separate? I always read and have been told that if the white stays at the bottom and the water separates from it then no doubt it's real. I let a few of them sit for a few hours and there is definitely separation between the 2 compounds, and after a day or so I'd say more than half the top part was clear (water) and the bottom less than half was pure white. The lot #s are S056 and the Cad. is 12/2007 and others are S050 Cad 10/2007. They definitely look realy just want some "experienced" opinions.

    Thank you

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    They sound good bro...........go have a look in the steroid pic forum,one or 2 posts on them.

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