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Thread: cycle change...

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    cycle change...

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding my cycle.
    I started a new cycle of EQ/Cyp/d-bol/Winny all products were from bruce lee. It so happens that his oils are very very painful, specially the EQ. I am currently on the second week and I still get flu like symptoms when I shoot both together. Not to metion the big lump on my ass. I just recieved an order that I thought was lost from a different "vendor". The order consists of Deca and Sus250. Would I be able to change from EQ/Cyp to Deca/Sus?
    What sort of drawbacks should I expect if this was possible?


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    sus and cyp will make same results
    deca and eq also maybe a little less water with eq

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    the only differences i can think of are:

    you may see results sooner with the sust due to the prop in it, but end results are comparible...

    people react differently to different compounds, so you may get better results off one than the other....

    less pain from the deca .....

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