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    feeding anavar to my girlfriend?

    Im currently on a test, Deca , Anavar cycle, to get cut up. My question was: Im trying to put my girl friend on the anavars. Im thinking 10 mgs a day and then bumping to 15mg once she gets used to it. Would this be considered safe. I have reasonable access to anavar even though they cost the sky, so I want my girlfriend to look hard. I also had a question on **s anavar, where does it come from? are they pink with red dots? I got my from my uncle in Argentina, but they are so expensive down there

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    The Iron Game Guest
    nope ** anavar isnt as you described it

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    How about i feed you some birth control pills then to even things out?

    You want her to look hard? You want to feed her AS?

    Do you have any idea of what it could possibly do to her? Probably not....Better yet...does she?

    Does she not have a say in her own life?

    Besides, just taking a little anavar won't do ANYone any good unless they train hard and have their diet in order among other things

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    My advice to you would be to have your girlfriend sign up on the board and ask our female experts on the matter if you care about her. She needs to make her own decision after she does extensive research.

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    Amen. Girlfriends are too trusting sometimes. Sorry primo.

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