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    recovery from 1st cycle (advice needed)

    hi all, need a bit of advice on what to use, have read so many articles, im confused! (this is my first cycle)
    my cycle is:
    500mg test enanth and 200mg deca dura per week for 10 weeks. i am in my 9th week and my last shot is gonna be next saturday.
    i have 2 x 5000iu of hgc( can get more) and nolvadex and can get clomid.
    what do you recommend from your experience?
    ps. my testicle (yes guys, i only have one, due to a motorcycle accident) doesnt seem to have shrunk any so does this mean i may not need hcg ?
    thanks all.

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    Feb 2004
    pps. i can get some more test and deca , is it worth stopping the test and deca at different times, so i maybe come off the test one week and then come off deca the next? or adding something like clenbuterol after the cycle?
    thanks again.

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    pct 3 weeks after you last deca injection (or 2 weeks after your last test inj if you run it a week longer than deca)
    dont use hcg if your testicle didnt shrunk... i think so, but not sure 100%
    but typical pct is:
    nolva @ 20mg day
    clomid: day 1 @ 300, days 2-21 @ 100, day 22-28 @ 50

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