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    Anadrol vs. D-bol

    Ok guys, Ive got a question that is pretty much all opinion so I wanted to see what most the guys said. On my first two cycles I ran

    wks 1-12 enanthate 500 mg/wk
    wks 1-10 deca 300 mg/wk

    But this cycle I want to run something a little different. Im still a novice and I really liked this cycle so I figure that this is still a good base to stay with. But, I was thinking about fronting with maybe some anadrol or d-bol for the first 3 or 4 weeks. What is your opinions and which one do you like? Also, dosages if you would. height 6'2'' weight 220.

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    weeks 1-4 dbol 25-30mg/day...but if youve ran that same exact thing for 2 cycles you might want to think about changing it up

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    I think you should go with the D-Bol like Big 21 suggested 25-30 mg/day.

    Anadrol is very potent and you will make great gains but is very hard on the liver and has more side affects than the D.
    With either one your gonna bloat.

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    I like them both equally. With drol you will bloat a little more.

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    third cycle...I'd go with the drol for down the road. 25-30mgs/day

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