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    Suggestions on Cycle

    I have 150 5mg winnys which I will stack with 250mg Sus250 for 10 weeks and 250mg Durabolin for 10 weeks. Now how should I cycle in the winny's.

    This is my second cycle my first cylce was

    Durabolin 250mg 10 weeks
    Sus 250 250mg 10 weeks
    D bol 50mg 4 weeks
    Clomid 100mg 2 weeks than 50mg for 2 weeks

    I received very good gains with weight and strength.

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    Bro, don't waste your time and money with the amount of winny you have. You will need to get WAY MORE than that. You would have to take 10 pills a day, that means it will only last you 15 days. That is only enough for 2 weeks of winny, which should be taken at 50mg ED for six weeks. You would need 3 times that amount of pills. Just stick with the test and deca , that amount of winny will do NOTHING for you except waste your money.

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    Thanks for the advice the only thing is I didn't pay for the winny but I do have it. I thought I would be a pain to take a **** load of the 5mg pills.

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