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    A little help for my next cycle....

    Well I had posted a while ago about my pervious history with steroids but here is breifly synopsis of my past:

    it's been 2.5 years since my last cycle which was as follows

    d-bol 35mg/day
    deca 400mg/wk
    sust 750mg/wk
    post cycle clomid

    I have been training hard since my last cycle and up until now. So now i'm ready for another big cycle. However what do you guys think i should go with. I got some advice before that i should go with enanthate or cypinate (thanks btw). Here's what im thinking:

    dbol 50mg/day (wk 1-4)
    deca 600mg/wk (wk 1-10)
    enanthate 750mg/wk (wk-10)
    post clomid therapy
    nolvadex on hand

    What do you guys think? Do you think i should ease up on the dosages since its been a while or are these dosages too low? A little confused on how a big break from juicing effects the body for the next time around.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I think those dosages are sufficently strong, I really wouldn't go any higher. 50mg dbol is a bit high, you could possibly cut that back to 25mg ed if you wanted to save money, also, cut the deca out 1 week before you end your test, then start PCT 2 weeks after last test shot. So basically the same timeframe just run the deca week 1-9. Other than that it looks good.
    Oops one more thing, you could run the nolva 20mg/ed just to make sure you don't get gyno, it can't hurt. Up to you though.

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    Your receptors should be wide open.I'd cut the doses down bro.

    Maybe something like this:
    wk 1-4 30-40 mgs dbol
    wk 1-12 500mgs test e
    wk 1-11 400mgs deca

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    Bull is right dosages are really high - you haven't used in 2.5 years - you should be ready and not need so much to get the desired effect Just my .02

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I had a feeling that I might have been going to high on the dosages.

    Do you guys think i should go with sustanon or with enanthate (or cypinate). The reason i ask is that i already bought a crap load sustanon but if need be I will get enanthate/cypinate if it makes that much of a difference.

    I think I'll stick to 500-600mg of test. I'll also cut back on the d-bol to 40mg/wk and deca to 400mg/wk. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks guys,


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