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    Talking Should i bulk 1st to desired wight and then cut?

    I was just wondering if its better to bulk up 1st with a few d-bol-deca /test cycles to your desired weight and size, and then do a few cutting cycles tren /winny/prop to get rid off the fat gained while bulking???? Or just run a few lean mass cycles consisting maybee of eq/tren/winny/test to gain minimal fat and stay lean and ripped?????? thks Luke

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    depends on a lot, how much weight do you want to gain? do you lose fat easily? do you generally hold onto the muscle you gain when on cycle?, it's all about establishing a baseline

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    i agree with scottninpo you need to decide if you dont mind adding bf or if you always want the lean look! my metabolism is fast so i will bulk to a desired weight/size and then cut.

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    If you don't mind gaining a few inches to your waist, gaining some love handles, and getting a huge gut, I'd say bulk to where you want to then cut. It's all about sacrafices.

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    i dont think it is necessary to get fat and bulky when tryin to add LMB look at it this way u do a "bulking cycle" with the "bulking drugs" d-bol, deca , anadrol etc lot of the mass is water some fat. u do a "cutting clcle" with the cutting drugs fina, winny, EQ etc mostly clean lean muscle gains. but i think your outcome depends on clean diet+cardio. IMO in think those bulkin cycle r a waste of time an money start at 200 bulk up 230 end of cycle drop of 10 lbs of water then to cardio+diet off 5 lbs fat end up 215. stupid IMO. a LMB cycle gain 15-20 lbs that u and other people can see or a WFM cycle (Water Fat Mass) that u dont even know how much muscle u gain until u diet. your choice

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    Cut 1st w/o a question!!!! If you feel kinda fat now when your finished bulking you gonna be depressed as hell!!! I mean **** the 1st few weeks w/ bloat and all your gonna be pissed.

    Cut 1st get a nice base then start from there, thats MO.


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