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Thread: Brovel...

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    SWOLL UP is offline Associate Member
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    Wuzzup all,

    I am planning on doing the following cycle:

    Test Enanthate 800mg/week
    EQ 400mg/week
    D-Bol 50mg/day

    I wanted to know if anyone can tell me if the Brovel Test Enanthate is any good? Right now im using the ttokkyo Cypionate and it seems to be decent. But I am only using 400mg/week.

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    Oct 2001
    Where's BigKev???? LOL

    Yeah, bro. Brovel is good. You will hear that its underdosed a little, or underfilled a little, or that its dirty and unsanitary, etc, etc.... But what it all comes down to is that for the price, you can't beat it. If you are worried about it being underdosed, just use a little more. I have used Brovel T200 a lot in the past and have always had really good results.

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    pete castello is offline New Member
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    if you can get any t-400 i would use that. i have good results from that

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    RUSSIANBEAR is offline Member
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    Brovel t-200 and tornel-t200 is cheapest test i ever came across and its an OK product. Ask big kev he'll tell ya what kind of gains he got from it.

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    Re: Brovel...

    Originally posted by SWOLL UP
    I wanted to know if anyone can tell me if the Brovel Test Enanthate is any good? =
    Is it any good ? Haha...It's my favorite of all the gear as well. Ttokkyo products have a lot of alcohol in them so that leaves my ass hurtin like crazy...You'll blow up on Enanthate - at least I do.

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    this is some good stuff

    i like their decca it hits hard ion da second month ull be as horny as hell following with some good gains u can keep

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