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    need some advice on my winny

    i was gonna add winny to my current cycle of test cyp and 50mgs ed for wks 7-12, but after looking over some of the older threads i found that unless you already have really low bf, winny wont do much good for here's my question, i do 3 intense cardio days a week on top of my lifting....i have the classic ectomorph frame weighing in at 175-180 at 6' would the winny actually show results for me, it isnt like i am fat or out of shape, just am not completely would it be wise to use it or maybe anavar , since anavar is said to work with stomach fat more......and one more question, how bad does the winny dryness get, would i need to slow up on the cardio....i will be taking glucosamine to help out with this.
    thank you for any help given

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    I think winny hardens you up. Even if you aren´t really cut. If you are about 12% bf i think you can see the difference. Give it a try. It´s good to solidify your gains of test. Personally i don´t get that much trouble with dryness.

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    yea bro go ahead! make sure you take that gluco though!

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    I think you might be confusing the winny with masteron , masteron works well with low bf % but winny should harden gains.

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    I agree with the last poster, get your hands on some Masteron if its in your budget (usually abit more pricier the Winny). But I've tried the Masteron 2ml 100mg by syntex and it rocks its probably my favorite AS -low/no sides,burns fat,razor cuts awesome stuff.

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