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    how long is my winny good for????

    I have decided not to add winny tabs to my test- enanthate cycle
    1-8 250mg test-E twice a week
    1-10 10mg of nolvadex everyday
    9-12 clomid
    -300mg for 1 day
    -100mg for 10 days
    -50mg for 10 days
    Also would it work for fat loss if I added a fat burner such as ripped fuel or charge in there?

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    run winny 2 weeks past your last shot of test then go straight into clomid 1 day out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBaraso
    run winny 2 weeks past your last shot of test then go straight into clomid 1 day out.
    he's not running the winny, and that's a bad choice IMO. Screw charge or ripped fuel, that **** is junk. Pop one of those winny tabs in your mouth around the sixth week of your cycle and chop it up.

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    are you just asking to see if you save the winny ,how long will it shelf life for?
    it will last a while,probably a few yrs,depending on the ex date. keep it in a dry cool dark area and you should be good.
    why are you running nolv throughout+ 2 wks past the test. are you prone to gyno?
    also if you end your test enent after wk 8 then wail till the end of wk 10 until you start your clomid.
    opting for ripped fuel or something like that over winny is your decision depending on your goals/diet/training.for me that **** dosent really do much(ive used xenidrine).
    if it were me id use the winny
    test wk 1-8 (id run it longer)
    winny 50 mg ed wk 4-10
    clomid next day after you last winny tab

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