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Thread: What to expect?

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    John1642 is offline New Member
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    Nov 2003

    What to expect?

    My cycle for the next 3 months:

    weekly 250mg sust weeks 1-12
    15mg per day dbol (3 tabs in separate doses daily) weeks 1-4 and then 9-12

    tamoxifen 20mg per day
    arimidex 0.5mg per day

    clomid post cycle

    Should I expect much from this cycle? From reading, some advice seems to be that Sust works best when taken more regularly (ie every other day) and that once a week shuts down test production so adding not that much test altogether when you look at the net figure.

    Again dbol, is 15mg too low?.. My background is that I've taken pro-hormones (never again, "all the side effects of test but no actual test" as someone put it)... and am pretty happy with medium/moderate gains in the gym. But then I dont want to be taking 15mg of dbol if the effect is not noticeable (i'd rather save the money and go for more regular sust).

    Anti-estrogens: - I'm happy with tamoxifen 20mg but arimidex is soo expensive so i intend on taking half a 1mg tablet daily. I read it's effective in both 0.5mg and 1mg doses- for the amount of test involved would 0.5mg keep bloating down or should i consider investing in 1mg daily?

    Any thoughts most welcome. Again, my aim is reasonable gains with little or no risk (liver or estrogenic effects).

    Also my personal experience of pro-hormones is don't touch them. I had only negative experiences. That's just a FYI but I feel strongly against the companies that sell that junk.

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    Youre right about sust being most effective shot eod, so if youre not willingto do that you need to get a single ester like cypionate or enanthate ....also I wouls bump the dbol up to at least 20-25mg/ed....try something like this...

    wks 1-10 Test E or Cyp 500mg/wk (2 shots weekly)
    wks 1-4 dbol 25mg/ed
    nolva 10mg/ed
    adex .25mg/ed
    Clomid starts 2 weeks after last test injection....

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    Whats your training expe whats your diet look like? What are your stats? How old are you? That cycle is gonna shut you down, and you will probably wont make any gains. Sus is a bad beginer drug, stick with single ester test cyp or enan. 15 mgs of dbol isnt enough either.

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    John, you really should have a test base in there somewhere.

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    blow up

    bro your going to blow up! j/k im being an ass sorry. with sust your going to need frequent injections, cause see sust has 4 different esters and cause of the difference in half lives they are kinda like time released. so in order to keep your levels level so to man there are several threads regarding this hit the search button!

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    Quote Originally Posted by panabolic
    John, you really should have a test base in there somewhere.

    You do know that sust is TEST right?

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    agree with enth instead of sust, but as its your first cycle you can try runnin it lower than 500 (350-400 -->250mg E4D or E5D).

    1-10 Test E or Cyp
    1-4 dbol 25mg/ed
    1-12 nolva 10mg/ed + l-dex .25mg/ed
    Pct with Clomid & Nolva start 2 weeks after last test injection...

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    John1642 is offline New Member
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    Good input guys:

    fabry I like that cycle you list. With what cpt steele is saying as well I am definitely rethinking the sustanon . As my aim is steady gains and not overboard on injections and dose the test enanthate would serve my purpose well enough. Originally I was going on the assumption that sus gives a steady release over time, where in fact it only partly does that (some long and some short half life esters)- whereas enanthate is pretty steady for up to 5 days (possibly longer).

    It seems a straight swap out of sus 250mg/week with test enanthate 250mg every 5 days would be a much better way to go about this?

    Thanks for the advice again - good to have a sounding board.

    By the way I am 23 6'4" and 95kg (not fat) and eat 2750-3000 cal. per day (including whey protein supplements). And daily multi-vit.

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    If you can shoot the sust twice a week that would be great...I shot mine on sun and wed...the decanoate is the ester your waiting for to build up and kick in...the other stuff will help you gain until it has...twice a week injections will give you good gains starting about week 4...the enanthate you'll have to wait longer...I would recommend 400-500 mg minimum a week on the test...but gains off just one shot a week sust 250 have been made... I would ruin the dbol at 30 mg for a minimum...but if your patient and wait for the sust to work you won't need it at all IMO...and sust is a test so your sex drive won't be shut down ...and your GF will love you

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