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    First cycle help

    Hey guys, I finally registered after reading the boards for a month or two and decided to say hello.
    I'm pretty new to all this so I've just been sitting back and absorbing the vast amounts of knowledge available - my brain hurts. I think they call it information overload.
    Anyway, I've decided to start my first cycle in a few weeks and I'd like to know what you think of it before I go ahead.

    8 week cycle:

    Sustanon 250 (Organon) 500mg per week
    Deca (**) 400mg per week
    Proviron 50mg ED
    Clomid 50mg ED
    Nolva on hand.

    My stats: I'm 26, 6'3" & 186 lbs at about 11 - 12% bf. I don't hold much fat naturally, my diet is not that good lately though I will obviously change it radically when I start the cycle. Been training for about three years, seriously for the last year and gains have pretty much dried up. I think I'm what they call a hard-gainer.

    I plan to split the injections to Sunday/Wednesday.
    If I mix the two oils in the same shot will this help reduce the pain and discomfort of the Sust?
    Also, will I need Milk Thistle with this combination?
    My source recommends taking the Clomid right through the cycle to keep the nads ticking over, but you guys usually advise starting it four weeks after last shot. Thatís a big difference. Whatís the best method?
    Arimidex is very expensive where I am. If Iím taking Clomid and Proviron throughout do I really need it?
    I was thinking about taking some Winstrol at 50mg per day (oral) weeks 6 Ė 8 to harden up any new mass. What do you think?
    Is Sust the best of the testís to go with on a first cycle (maybe Cyp)? I can get all the popular Tests from my source including one called Testex LEO but Iíve never seen it mentioned on the boards, does anybody have experience of it?
    As itís my first cycle, would Eq (**) be better for me than the Deca? What differences would I see?

    Huge thanks for all your help guys, I really appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work fellas, laterÖ

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    Welcome to the board!

    I'll let some of the "big guy's" with more cycle experience help you on your cycle.

    Good to have you on board!

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    try this

    Your first cycle of 500mg and 400mg deca is a proven first cycle-stay with it. Run it at least 10 weeks, maybe more if your gains are consistent, not more than 15 weeks however. Winstrol really should be saved for when you decide to cut the mass down, it would certainly help-but is not needed at this time. Clomid throughout is what some people do, i've tried it at every other day and it did help w/ water retention problems, however as your first cycle i figure you'lll like to "blow up",so only use it at the end when needed. Remember that the sust stays active in your system for 4 weeks, so when you take your last shot wait at least three weeks to start clomid therapy-do a search on ways to do it. Eq would fine to throw in but i think the deca might provide you w/more size on this cycle. Always remember to keep everything simple on your first few cycles, the basics really do work best for you now. Also, milk thistle is only needed as a liver protectant when using orals, particulary winny, d-bol, and adrol. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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    Good choice for your first cycle... The dosages look good.
    As RonC stated keep the Clomid for post-cycle usage(three weeks after the last injection), in a pattern like this:
    300mg's day one
    100mg's day for the next 7 - 10days.
    50mg's day for the next 7 - 10 days.

    Keep the Nolva on hand as you have suggested, don't take it unless you begin to notice e-related sides.

    Proviron will help to some degree with e related sides. You can take it throughout (I do) and post cycle at low dosages to lessen androgen crash.

    Milk Thistle - There is some question and a new study that showed that milk thistle may inhibit gains. There is only the one study so far (that I can find) that came to that conclusion, so there is room for doubt. I have chosen to move away from MilkThistle just in case there is some merit to the studies conclusions. I now use Liv-52, and ALA, as liver protectants.

    Eq vs Deca - Eq will probably cause a little more water retention than deca. I have to disagree with RonC on Deca resulting in more size, in my experience and readings Eq seems to have an advantage here. Additionally Eq will cause an increase in red blood cells. Increased appetite (over deca) and energy.

    Good Luck on your cycle!!!!!

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