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Thread: question??????

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    CASE420 is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2001


    what do you guys think is the best cutting stack out there for the money??? would like to stay away for eca ephedra jacks me all up

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    Ron C is offline New Member
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    Dec 2001

    naturally or w/ gear?

    Naturally, eca's really are the way to go. I hate the jittery feeling also. I personally can't stand the Muscletech hype, but started hydroxycut to give it a chance. So far it's good, gives me great workouts, good energy, and doesn't seem to make me jittery, Might be good for you to try. As far as using gear, read several of the "cutting cycle"threads on this board and you will be able to forrmulate your theory on what's best for you. Also, remember, DIET is the foundation of any cutting stack-naturally or unnaturally.

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